Certified Organic Premium Baobab fruit powder

Baobab fruit powder, a highly nutritious superfood, is added to smoothies & juices, sprinkled on yoghurt & cereals, and used in baking & desserts like sorbets & ice-creams.

100% natural, unprocessed & organic fruit powder direct from the Baobab tree.

Simply sieved from fruit to you, as if you picked it yourself.

No Milling – No Processing – No heat Extraction – No Pasteurisation – No Freeze Drying

Abundant in nature’s goodness: 50% fibre, prebiotic function, 6 x vitamin C of oranges, 2 x the antioxidants of acai berries and a great plant source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. learn more


pronounced BEY-oh-Bab

Adventure. Our Story

Two explorers.  A wild adventure into the warm heart of Africa.

Hunter-gatherer eating and living were discovered. Village people would gather every morning under the huge majestic Baobab tree to meet, harvest Baobab fruit, collect water and trade.  

This is where Jenny and Clive had their first taste of the Baobab fruit.

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Where does Baobab Fruit Powder come from?

Baobab powder dehydrates naturally inside the fruit on the tree. The fallen fruit is cracked open, the fruit pulp is separated from the seeds and sieved into a powder.

It is raw and unprocessed. No nutrients are lost and the powder remains in its natural form, as if you picked it yourself.

ingredient: 100% Organic Baobab fruit powder

| Organic Certified | Kosher Certified | HACCP Facility Certified | Australian Quarantine Cleared

Discover. New Experiences

Tastes like caramel pear with subtle tones of grapefruit, like a natural sherbet.

Looks like “little marshmallows with seeds stuffed into a papaya-shaped velvety coconut”.

Why we love Baobab fruit powder

It is a unique and fascinating raw whole food with an impressive nutrition profile.


It provides an ethically & sustainable biodiversity through wild harvest community practices which have been established, overseen and preserved by foresters.


It supports African harvesters to thrive as local people earn an income from harvesting the Baobab fruit.  1kg of Baobab fruit powder can send a child to school for a week.


The packing and labelling provides rehabilitation opportunities through job creation in a local Australian social enterprise.


Versatile. Super Food

Baobab’s natural pectin content acts as a natural thickener in cooking

Fruit juices

Fresh fruit
Fresh salads

Healthy desserts & bliss balls
Raw cheesecake & snack bars
Soups & jams
Ice-creams & sorbets
Sauces & salad dressings

Used in your favourite smoothies, raw desserts and foods at these fine establishments

“…given the extreme ages of many of the  Baobab trees, it is possible that we are eating this ancient  Baobab fruit from not just a totally unchanged species, but we are eating the fruit from the very same individual trees that our ancestors were eating from over 1000 years ago.”

Baobab fruit powder in the media