‘Baobab’ joins the Thr1ve Spring/Summer menu in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

About Josh and Thr1ve
We recently met Josh from Thr1ve. As a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, and with five years of powerfully personal experience with ancestral health protocols, Josh was consistently astounded at the lack of any authentically healthy dining in top retail centres around the world. Recognising the transformational potential for a health and wellness brand founded on evidence based dietary principles, and excited by the opportunity to genuinely enhance how customers look, feel and perform, Josh brought together his many years of professional experience and personal passion to create THR1VE.


Thr1ve’s menu
The THR1VE menu is inspired by the Paleo & Primal dietary protocols. We were thrilled to introduce Josh to Rawsome Food’s organic Baobab fruit powder – the ultimate paleo superfood, still consumed by one of the last remaining hunter gatherer tribes in the world.

“…given the extreme ages of many of the Baobab trees, it is possible that we are eating this ancient Baobab fruit from not just a totally unchanged species, but we are eating the fruit from the very same individual trees that our ancestors were eating from over 1000 years ago.”

Josh was really interested in the research that supports the potential health benefits of Baobab fruit powder.Latest research on baobab powder

Thr1ve store locations

This is where you can get your hands on a Thr1ve Baobab smoothie… simply add Baobab organic fruit powder to your own smoothie creation at Thr1ve’s customise and alchemise smoothie bar.

Thr1ve menu

For more information on Rawsome Food’s organic Baobab fruit powder

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