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Previously known as Rawsome Foods, in 2012 Rawsome Foods brought you Rawsome Chocolate,  a rich healthy chocolate made using only the best organic ingredients.


As a proud Australian owned and operated.company we are happy to bring to you healthy, innovative and novel foods, which are: 
Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Soy Free | Nut Free | Sugar Cane Free | Organic ingredients | Low GI | Vegan Friendly | Diabetic Friendly
The founders of Rawtanica, Clive a full time engineer and chocolate enthusiast along with his partner Jenny, a qualified pharmacist and health coach, set off on a wild adventure into the warm heart of Africa during 2014.  This is where they discovered the hunter gatherer way of eating and living.
The village people would gather every morning under the huge majestic Baobab tree to meet, harvest Baobab fruit, collect water and trade. This is where Clive and Jenny had their first taste of the Baobab fruit.
As a brand committed to well-being, Rawtanica are proud to provide a premium natural, unprocessed, certified organic raw whole food direct from the Baobab tree. We are happy that this product supports a local social enterprise in Australia and will also encourage harvesters in Africa to thrive.
Rawtanica’s products can be found throughout Australia in health food stores, including Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland.

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