All Hail These Baobab Fruit Powder Benefits



Baobab you say? Perhaps you have heard of the baobab before — that gigantic African tree with an enormous trunk and is said to live for thousands and thousands of years. A real Paleo Food. Did you know it is also found in Australia as well? Indigenous Australians have been eating and using Boab fruits for centuries.

Did you know that the majestic tree also bears fruits that are consumed by the natives of Africa, as well as employed for a variety of medicinal purposes for centuries now?


The baobab fruit can be regarded as a superfood because it is packed with impressive amounts of vitamin C. Just how impressive? Let’s just say that a 100-gram serving of the baobab fruit yields almost 6-10 times the vitamin C content of an equivalent serving of oranges. Yup, that’s how vitamin C-rich it is!


Outside of Africa, of course, it can be challenging to obtain fresh baobab fruits. The good news is health-conscious people in various parts of the planet can take advantage of vitamin C (and many other nutrients, too) in the baobab fruit in the form of the powder — the fruit pulp that comes directly from inside the hard shell, which has dehydrated naturally for 6 months in the sun while still on the tree.


Just dissolve the baobab powder in water for a refreshing and nutritious beverage!  Not to mention using it in cereals and yoghurts, in using it in your favourite smoothies, raw desserts and other delicious recipe creations. We love mixing it up with some coconut water for a super Piña Colada.


So, the next time you are browsing the items sold at your favourite health food store, keep your eyes peeled for baobab fruit powder, which is said to yield a lovely mix of sweet and citrus flavours. We say it “tastes like caramel pear with subtle tones of grapefruit”.  The following are some of the amazing health benefits to enjoy for consuming the nutrient-dense beverage:


Baobab Makes Your Immune System Stronger

Because of loads of vitamin C in baobab fruit powder, it doesn’t really come as a shock why it’s something that can strengthen your immune system. Especially if you are leading a very busy life, you can benefit from taking baobab juice on a regular basis to save yourself from diseases that can slow you down and keep you from being productive.


Keeps Your Skin Forever Young

There are a couple of reasons why vitamin C-packed baobab fruit powder can help maintain the beauty and youthfulness of your skin. First, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralise excess free radicals before they have the chance to damage your skin cells and leave your complexion looking old and tired.

Second, vitamin C is a nutrient vital to producing collagen. A kind of structural protein, perhaps you have heard that the body’s production of collagen naturally wanes off as you age. In order to keep your skin soft and supple, regularly consume baobab juice to ensure that your body will produce good amounts of collagen. Also, check out Baobab Oil for healthier skin too.


Better Heart Health

Just like what’s mentioned before, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It’s so powerful that it also helps keep your heart in a wonderful shape by lowering bad cholesterol levels, according to numerous studies. Another reason why baobab fruit powder extract is good for the heart is this: since vitamin C it contains encourages collagen production, the blood vessels remain strong and toned, which is important for a healthy blood circulation.


A Quick and Easy Liver Detox Removes Impurities

We all know that the liver performs so many roles, and one of them is the neutralization of toxins, chemicals and other impurities in the body. However, this does not mean that the liver is impervious to ending up packed with toxic substances. According to studies, extracts of the baobab fruit are very good for cleansing the liver.

Having the liver rid of toxins is important for it to be able to carry its numerous roles efficiently. Having a healthy lifestyle and the inclusion of liver-purifying foods such as baobab fruit powder in the diet can help remove impurities that have accumulated in the liver, allowing the said organ to function very well.


It Allows You to Maintain a Lovely Smile with Healthy Gums

Other than making your skin look beautiful, did you know that collagen is also essential for healthy gums? You need to keep your gums in tip-top shape if you don’t want your teeth to fall out. Also, staggering amounts of vitamin C in baobab fruit powder helps ensure that your gums are strong and healthy.


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