Now You Can Get All Your Healthy Nutrients & Minerals In One Drink… With No Shopping, No Blending,
and No Juicing.



In just 30 Seconds a Day, You Can Supercharge Your Life, Restore Glowing Good Health and Feel Decades Younger!*


100% pure certified organic baobab fruit powder


Fibre is super important for a healthy digestive system and helps keep you regular, helps control your blood glucose levels and is is low GI.
The fibre lowers your cholesterol levels, supports weight control and best of all it can prevent some bowel cancers by unleashing the legion of prebiotics for sustained gut health.


Containing the essential B-group vitamins and loads of enzymes involved in energy production, making red blood cells that contribute to endurance and energy throughout your day.


Contianing buckets of cancer preventing Antioxidants, this also reducing the risk of getting heart disease, lowers LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol, in the body.
Best thing of all, it minimise wrinkles and reduce the signs of ageing.

Immune Support

Rich in Vitamin C to help with tissue repair and generate superior immunity to fight those bad radicals with Antioxidants galore!  It’s 98.2% of your daily VitaminC requirement to fight off allergens and sustain overall health


Simply add Baobab fruit powder to water and hydrate your entire throughout the day.  This is the key to a healthy nervous system to maintain normal blood pressure, it helps you relax and sleep as well as being absolutely crucial to heart and muscle health.



One Roof   Amazing evening at #OneRoofMelb last night. We enjoyed tasting delicious food made with Baobab (in particular the Baobab infused Gin martinis were spectacular), mingling with interesting people and listening to African music. Great work Rawtanica We absolutely loved having you.

Reply   Message  •  November 11 at 08:17am

The Nourished Chick   This beautiful product is brimming with vitamins minerals and body loving properties. It is the only powder I can actually enjoy straight out of the bag.

Reply   Message  •  December 03 at 16:24pm

Daniel Tusia   Shopping complete! Can’t wait to get this into my yoghurt!! Zingy-de-do-da!

Reply   Message  •  September 12 at 10:14am

Clint   Just made my fave smoothie and added in your Baobab powder from the goody bag at Cave Camp QLD!! Yum!

Usual recipe: coconut water, organic cocoa powder, banana, medjool dates, mint leaves, ice, blend.

Reply   Message  •  October 13 at 09:06am

Kim McPherson- The Well Nurse   If I could recommend 2 great things you could do for yourself this weekend it’s download the free 1 giant mind app and eat some Rawtanica Baobab powder. Peace ✌️

Reply   Message  •  August 15 at 19:47pm

Annmaree Strattan   I LOVE your products so much! They are delicious but I may have a slight addiction to them  thank you!

I’m so glad that I found you! It’s a guilt free treat that tastes amazing!

Reply   Message  •  May 19 at 15:10pm

Alexx Stuart   Random act of praise guys. Your Baobab powder truly is divine. Such high quality. Love being able to taste a fresh little piece of natural goodness in there… Superb. Keep up the good work and hope everyone’s well, Alexx xx

Reply   Message  •  March 10 at 07:36am

Head on the Ground – yoga and resilience coaching   Oh lordy – I am beating the Sunday evening blues with a glass of AMAZING Rawtanica Baobab. And it is blowing my ever-loving mind!  Baobab is, quite simply, the best thing on Earth. And Rawtanica bring some of the yummiest Raw superfood of goodness you will ever taste!!!

Reply   Message  •  December 1 at 08:53am

Boot Camps Australia North Sydney   Great page. Great food goes well with great exercise. 🙂

Reply   Message  •  September 16 16:07pm

The Fit Foodie   Just bought my first Baooab from you guys today and ended up devouring a glass and foregoing dinner! Feeling full and energised!:)

What are you done to me with your awesomeness?! Excellent product.

Reply   Message  •  August 31 13:01pm

Brett Nathan   Just got some of this Baobab fruit powder this weekend… Went down a treat!! was delicious!!

Reply   Message  •  May 18 18:17pm

Asher Glass   ive .been diving into the tangy baobab sensation! So lush and uniquely wholesome. Thank you….well done on such an ethical product.

Reply  •  Message  •  August 31 13:01pm

The Cultured Nutritionist   If you want a good dose of antioxidants, go Rawtanica Baobab!!! Not only good for you but…tastes delicious! From a Nutritionist’s point of view, that’s a win win!

Reply   Message  •  October 17 at 11:34am

By now we know we need this superfood in our diet every single day, and if you don’t have the time, money or patience to shop, chop, and juice every day, than Baobab Fruit Powder is the perfect solution.

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Baobab Facts + Label

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About Rawtanica and the founders

The founders of Rawtanica, Clive a full time engineer and chocolate enthusiast along with his partner Jenny, a qualified pharmacist and health coach, set off on a wild adventure into the warm heart of Africa during 2014. This is where they discovered the hunter gatherer way of eating and living.

The village people would gather every morning under the huge majestic Baobab tree to meet, harvest Baobab fruit, collect water and trade. This is where Clive and Jenny had their first taste of the Baobab fruit.

As a brand committed to well-being, Rawtanica are proud to provide a natural, unprocessed, organic raw whole food direct from the Baobab tree. We are happy that this product supports a local social enterprise in Australia and will also encourage harvesters in Africa to thrive.
Rawtanica’s products can be found throughout Australia in health food stores, including Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland… Will you be next?

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Return Policy

Rawtanica Guarantee: Rawtanica strives to keep you totally fulfilled and gratified, which is why we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee.   If at any point you decide it’s not the most nutritious, delicious superfood on the planet, remember you are protected by the highest standard 100% money-back guarantee.  Just send us the empty bag and we’ll refund you to the last penny, no questions asked. If after 30 days of use, you are unhappy and would like a refund, here’s exactly what to do:

  • Contact the Rawtanica team by calling 0431396615 Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.  We will gladly provide you with our return address, so as not to waste any materials, and a return confirmation number.  This is an easy and effortless process.
  • Return the empty bag, the Rawtanica invoice that received, and the confirmation number you have been assigned.
  • It is your obligation to pay the return postage, and we do recommend you opt for tracking and confirmation numbers for verification and efficiency purposes.  Note:  We must receive the bag within 60 days from the date of original purchase for the refund to be valid.
  • We will refund your entire order, excluding shipping costs, as long as all bags purchased are returned.
  • We can’t allow resale of Rawtanica products, so empty bags will be refunded only after sufficient time has passed for a single customer to use the Baobab Powder as directed.

These guidelines were created to keep you satisfied, while at the same time ensuring we can continue to provide a quality product to other happy customers for years to come. Returning Rawtanica Baobab Powder without complying with our policy will unfortunately deem your transaction non-refundable.

After complying with the steps above, please allow adequate time for shipping, quality control, and communication with credit card companies and banks as you patiently await your refund. 

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